Close look at my Nixeus NX-VUE27 2560×1440 27″ monitor

by Paul Braren

Nixeus WQHD 27″ S-IPS Ultra High Resolution 2560×1440 PC/MAC Monitor NX-VUE27 available on Amazon here.

For the full backstory on my quest for a good monitor, you may wish to read the following article first:×1440-27-inch-monitor
and Nixeus’ new site here: forums here:

Aug 10 2012:  Placed my order on Amazon (Prime) that shipped from Electronica Direct for $449.99 USD.
Glad I got in on pre-order pricing, because prices have climbed considerably, see the current Amazon listing here:
Nixeus WQHD 27″ S-IPS Ultra High Resolution 2560×1440 PC/MAC Monitor NX-VUE27

Here’s the pre-order press release with listed MSRP of $499:

This is essentially the same panel as my returned QNIX monitor, but comes with a US power supply, and I won’t need a $100 DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter, given it has a variety of direct inputs. I’ll be using Amazon’s “generic” DisplayPort to DisplayPort 15′ cable, directly attached to my Lenovo ThinkPad W520 laptop (bad idea, see update Dec. 4 2012 below). My USB 3.0 to DVI-D DisplayLink docking station didn’t work out for the QNIX either (not at the current firmware/software level anyway). But above all, hopefully with the Nixeus, I won’t experience any occasional nuisance/random monitor power-offs, described here:×1440-27-inch-monitor

I’ve been eager to move my primary display away from my always-a-little-blurry 24″ 1920×1200 CCD backlit 90 watt monitor, to a new and more-efficient 27″ LED backlit 63 watt 2560×1440 monitor. Boy am I glad I finally did. This is one happy IT Professional/Blogger. The profound improvement to the computing experience was kind of like going from HDD to SSD. Yeah, that good. Once you’ve experienced the great beyond-HD-view for yourself, you’ll never want to go back.

where I go on to mention the plentiful selection of very nearly identical Korean monitors that also only have DVI-D  inputs, including the Yamakasi CatLeap and Achieva ShiMian. The Auria at some Microcenters has more inputs, but it also states 100 watts? That may turn out to be wrong, but it also appears to be backordered, and I don’t live near any of their locations.

On the bright side, QNIX did turn on automatically when plugged in, discussed here:×1440-ips-no-ag-90hz-achieva-shimian-qh270-and-catleap-q270/4420#post_18011695
and I won’t know about the Nixeus until I try, particularly if I hook up both VGA (just for BIOS screens), and DisplayPort (once Windows 8 is booted in NVIDIA Optimus Mode).

In the end, the Nixeus might wind up being the better choice for a laptop user like me, whose specs state that the laptop’s only port that supports 2560×14440 (or 2560×1600) is DisplayPort, docked or not docked. I’ll also likely appreciate having a height adjustable/pivoting stand, and will be pleased if my watt burn measurements back up the specs claims.

AnandTech Review of the Nixeus NX-VUE27:×1440-sips-led-monitor

The claimed specifications of the NX-VUE27 are as below

  • Display Size: 27″ widescreen
  • Panel Type: LG S-IPS panel, A grade
  • Resolution: 2560*1440
  • Aspect ratio: 16: 9
  • Brightness: 380 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 1500: 1
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2331mm*0.2331mm
  • Response Time: 6ms (Gray to Gray)
  • Viewing Angle: 178(H)178(V)
  • Display Color: 16.7M, 8-bit, high color accuracy
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Connectivity: VGA, HDMI 1.4, DVI Display Port 1.2
  • Power Power Consumption: <72W
  • Operation Voltage: 100-240V AC 60/50Hz
  • Accessories: DVI Cable*1, Power Adapter*1, User Manual*1, 3.5mm Audio Cable*1


Aug 20 2012:  Received polite email, from company fulfilling order for Amazon customers:

—–Original Message—–
From: Electronica Direct – Amazon Marketplace
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 1:18 PM
To: Paul A. Braren
Subject: Important Amazon Order Update from Electronica Direct (Order # xxxxxx)
Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your recent order for the Nixeus Vue WQHD 27″ S-IPS Ultra High Resolution 2560×1440 PC/MAC Monitor . We are working hard to ship out your order in a timely manner, but we may be slightly delayed due circumstances beyond our control.  We expect to have your order shipped out within the next 2 – 5 days.  We are working hard with the manufacturer to have these shipped latest by Friday August 24th. A tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as it ships out.
We apologize for the inconvenience this delay has caused and thank you for shopping with Electronica Direct.
Sarah M.
Customer Relations


Aug 21 2012:  Tracking info showed up, but with no delivery estimates.

Aug 22 2012:  Noticed back-ordered until September 14, 2012, but Amazon is accepting orders, which clearly tell you the unit won’t ship until at least then:

Aug 24 2012:  UPS Origin scan at facility in Baldwin Park, CA shows up, with expected delivery indicated as Thursday, August 30th.
Unboxing pictures already available at, click on the “Warning: Spoiler” here.
(where speedyeggtart kindly warns us to not carry the 20lb. box by the flimsy handles)

See also similar monitors I just noticed are finally available from a US distributer Overlord Computers, with many options available for less than $400:

and a significant step up in price for the next closest, name brand anti-glare coated $689 HP model (which can make whites look odd):

or the interesting stylings of the $599 Samsung S27A950D:

Will keep you posted on my own progress with the Nixeus, stay tuned right here!

Aug 29 2012 Update:
Received permission to publish this email, where I ask about potential for overclocking. Refreshingly candid response, thank you David!

[learn_more caption="David Scribner, aka Scribby, of Overlord Computer"]
From: David Scribner
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 3:47 PM
To: Paul Braren
Subject: RE: will you be offering overclocking PCBs for 27″ 2560×1440 Korean panel owners?

Looks like it will be late October at this point, but could be delayed into November (shipping adds three weeks almost).


From: Paul Braren

Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 12:25 PM

To: David Scribner

Subject: Re: will you be offering overclocking PCBs for 27″ 2560×1440 Korean panel owners?


Excellent, thank you!

One last question (before I head away to San Francisco for the week for VMworld 2012).

Any idea how soon you’ll be offering a 2560×1440 monitor that goes beyond 60Hz?


From: David Scribner

Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 12:51 PM

To: Paul Braren

Subject: RE: will you be offering overclocking PCBs for 27″ 2560×1440 Korean panel owners?


Hey Paul:

Sure, but keep in mind that Overlord Computer is a completely separate entity from  Moreover, we are in no way affiliated with the Korean monitors and eBay market (read: cheaper grade A- panels).  We use a higher grade panel and build quality.  While the Tempests are not in the Apple Thunderbolt range, they are a step up from the Korean offerings while still being priced similarly.


As far as PCB sets go – yes, Overlord will be making those available to anyone with the proper panel (heck even if you don’t have the proper panel!)  That means we will be doing mod videos and instructions for probably the top 5-6 Korean-made monitors once our PCBs are ready in quantity.  We plan on selling the PCBs as a set with the necessary cables.  Keep in mind, these will not be cheap.  I don’t have final pricing now since we are still sourcing some parts for the prototypes.  However, the idea of buying a $300 Korean monitor and sticking our PCBs in it for less than what we sell our OC version won’t happen obviously.  We want people to buy our product first of course!


Again, I have no issues with you posting anything I am writing to you as long as it is clear that is first and foremost a forum – the main clearinghouse of information for 27 inch 1440 120hz displays – while Overlord is a retail entity trying to make a buck.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


From: Paul Braren

Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 9:41 AM

To: David Scribner

Subject: Re: will you be offering overclocking PCBs for 27″ 2560×1440 Korean panel owners?


Any chance I can post this extremely interesting reply of yours publicly?


Or a rephrasing of sorts?


Either way, yes or no, this concept certainly sounds interesting, and I can’t wait to see which Korean 27” 2560×1440 IPS panels will be offering upgrades for!


From: David Scribner

Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 11:57 AM

To: Paul Braren

Subject: RE: will you be offering overclocking PCBs for 27″ 2560×1440 Korean panel owners?


Hey Paul: is still the tech central for 120hz overclocking for these panels.  Overlord is the money side!  Overlord will be selling PCB sets once we get through prototypes and have them in quantity.



From: Paul Braren

Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 7:53 AM

To: Overlord Info

Subject: will you be offering overclocking PCBs for 27″ 2560×1440 Korean panel owners?


See my overviews here:×1440-27-inch-monitor×1440-27-inch-monitor


Thought your site used to discuss 120Hz possibilities at one point, just wondering if some PCBs might be coming from Overlord Computer.


Thank you!


Paul Braren Founder/Blogger



Aug 31 2012 Update:
I’m finally home, and have opened the monitor, and am happy to announce no bad pixels!
After recording the video, I noticed some minor LED backlight flickering and small noises from the power supply, which only seems to happen after playing with onscreen menus, or going beyond the factory default brightness which gave a reading of 62 watts of burn. Will have another look at flicker issue tomorrow.
Meanwhile, here’s the unboxing and basic testing video, enjoy!

Sep 04 2012 Update:
Amazing. Within 24 hours, Peter Trinh from Nixeus contacted me by email and phone, to discuss my issue. He has also already mailed me a new power supply to try, that he tested himself today. So please, do not pass judgement on this monitor based on my single observations on 8/31. I do not yet know if it’s my power supply, my DisplayPort cable, or my PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to blame here. Another user happy with Nixius support, handling power supply issues quickly, seen here. My own experience with getting a new power supply from Nixeus was also great.

Poor reviews of the 15′ DisplayPort cable I’m using are showing up on Amazon here, so I’ve ordered a 10′ Tripp Lite DisplayPort 1.2 cable P580-010P580-010 from Amazon here, just in case.

The sporadic backlight flicker problem is witnessed whether I’m plugged directly into the wall, or using my CyberPower UPS, which is indicating a consistent 115V at 60.0Hz input. And the flicker has not returned today, after about 10 hours use. So knowing whether a new power supply fixes the issue may be a challenge until several days-of-use pass without incident, in all modes of operation, with many OSD options to try.

Also worth noting that in the video you’ll see I found a free Nixeus t-shirt included in the box. I also wonder aloud about the logic of the way the DisplayPort socket is oriented, making a screw driver blade necessary to press the release button. A minor issue, but worth noting.

Finally, this monitor does swivel it turns out, it’s just extremely stiff when turning side-to-side. In other words, you’ll probably find the center, then just leave it there, sliding the whole rubber-feet stand as a swivel, when needed.

Sep 09 2012 Update:
I have now tried out the Tripp 10′ DisplayPort 1.2 cable listed above, and I still BSOD if I unplug the monitor from the wall, but all is well if I just press the power switch on the monitor instead. Not a big deal. And despite audio support from the cable, my laptop doesn’t put audio out on DisplayPort anyway. I am glad this monitor’s speakers make no noise at all ever, unlike the QNIX I had tried, which made many noises when it’d automatically turn on after the laptop was resumed from suspend, for example. The replacement power supply from Nixeus in CA will take a few more days to get here. But I should also note that I haven’t had any more backlight flicker all week, at any display brightness or setting, with either cable. Strange.

Also noticed this in the Nixeus Forum today:

Click photo to view this Nixeus forum post

Sep 10 2012 Update:
New Lenovo video drivers (still beta though), and no more BSOD upon unplugging monitor (using powerstrip power switch), this is good! So it’s a software related Optimus (Intel+NVIDIA) thing, it would seem, with little to do with monitor really, but still an odd behavior of note. Flicker issue hasn’t resurfaced either, but I’ll still go with new power supply, when it finally arrives later this week.

Sep 13 2012 Update:
Happy to report the new power supply arrived on 9/12, and  has been installed, and still, no LED backlighting flicker or other issues noticed. I never did have flicker again since that first 48 hours or so, where it had occurred occasionally. I have also made sure I’m at 60Hz, and not 59Hz.

The new power supply seems to put out no noise at all (with identical labeling), so the original one will be shipped back to Nixius, just in case there’s a lesson to be learned from having a look at it. So I’d say at this point hesitation buying this monitor would be more about the backorder/ship dates, than any technical concerns, which I’ve now addressed.

Sep 15 2012 Update:
Unfortunately, it appears the price has risen to $499 from my preorder $429 price, found at 2 US resellers seen here:×1440-Monitor-NX-VUE27/dp/B008M08SN6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347302702&sr=8-1&keywords=Nixeus+Vue

Nov 13 2012 Update:
See also lag discussion going on here:
Noticing that I sometimes get a BSOD under Windows 8, if I unplug my Nixeus (power strip) rather than turn it off (power button), when attached via DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. This is actually likely some sort of software issue though, likely particular to my unusual setup. Why? Well, I didn’t experience BSODs with beta Windows 8 NVIDIA drivers on my Windows 8 Pro 64 bit Lenovo W520 laptop tZilla, I was able to power off with the power strip no problem, and resume from suspend. My triple monitor configuration is described here. So, it could also be my DisplayLink configuration giving me the issue, just not sure yet:

left monitor 1920×1200, using DVD-D to DVD-D cable from laptop dock
center monitor 2560×1440 using DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable from laptop
right monitor using Lenovo USB 3.0 dock DVD-D to HDMI 1920×1080

Apparently, using 3 monitors on a laptop puts me in the 0.00% category, listed by Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky here:

Dec 04 2012 Update:
Good news, cables that adhere to VESA standard, and that don’t use ping 20, seen on page 20 here, work great. How do I know? Well, got a heads-up email from Peter Trinh (from Nixeus), explaining the importance of these factors. He goes on to explain that cable quality really matters when you get to 2560×1440, and to avoid the thinner 32AWG, especially for longer lengths. All of these have a correlation with BSODs. See also the forum posters Peter and I are quite thankful for:

So, this means the 10′ Tripp Lite DisplayPort 1.2 cable P580-010P580-010 from Amazon here works is what I’m saying. No more BSODs after suspend/resume. Not sure why I still had some BSOD issues back on Nov 13th 2012 (described above), perhaps newer video drivers are also at play here.

All I know is that I can now unplug all 3 of my monitor using a power strip at any time. Again, no BSODs. Great!

Tomorrow, I’ll be pushing my luck a little further, trying out the
Tripp Lite P580-015 15ft DisplayPort Monitor Cable from Amazon here, which will fit my desk layout much better. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Dec 05 2012 Update:
Full instruction manual now available at Nixeus here, which also details the 1 year warranty. Not the best descriptions of the onscreen display options, but still helpful to view as you do your pre-purchase research. Nixeus full contact info available at their rapidly improving new site here.

Dec 06 2012 Update:
Received the Tripp Lite P580-015 15ft DisplayPort Monitor Cable from Amazon here, and it works fine, no BSODs. Tada, this project is finally done!

Dec 07 2012 Update:
Much more rare, but still, got a single BSOD at some point overnight, the dreaded:
SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in nvlddmkm.sys which likely has more to do with powering off all 3 monitors via power strip and/or my USB 3.0 dock:

But I’m still leaving the NVIDIA “Power management mode” set to “Prefer maximum performance”, explained here.
So I’m more stable, with resume/suspend always working fine with 3 monitors external. But I’m still having issues with powering off the Nixeus and 2 other external monitors on one power strip. So it’s back to just putting the Nixeus on an always-on outlet, and using the power button on the monitor itself, which seems to work fine.

Dec 20 2012 Update:
If you want a $1000 monitor to yearn for, well, the new Samsung S27B970D pictured wonderfully here and available on Amazon here. But you could buy 2 Nixeus monitors for that price, provided you have a PC capable of pushing that many pixels…

Dec 21 2012 Update:
I’ve entirely solved my cabling and BSOD problems by going with the Accell UltraAV B142C-010B DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 Cable with Latches (10 Feet / 3m), with all 3 monitors plugged into one power strip that’s plugged into my UPS. Works great. Read more in new article with Nixeus-in-action video over here:
If your 2560×1440 monitor needs a cable longer than 6′, you may want to go with newer DisplayPort 1.2 cabling

I believe this is finally the happy end of this saga!

Jan 08 2012 Update:
There are now a lot more choices:

With the Dell only $699, just $80 more than the Nixeus at this point in time, seems it might be a good choice. Pictures show the DisplayPort is oriented correctly (to allow access to catch release button).
Amazon $699 Dell U2713HM-IPS-LED CVN85 27-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor

Neither Nixeus or Dell have amazing response times, but hard to know for sure, since the test tools are lacking:

Jan 10 2012 Update:
At CES, Monoprice has announced a 2560×1440 monitor:×1440-monitor-390

Backordered until March 2, for $390 here:

Apr 12 2013 Update:
Review videos available, by mvakleko here and here.

Apr 26 2013 Update:
Dell U2713HM does seem to be the darling right now, tuned for good color out of the box, low watt burn (just 45 watts), and latency in the same ballpark as similar monitors (like the Nixeus):

May 16 2013 Update:
As far as looks, the LG 2560×1440 monitor series looks good, with 6ms latency. Then there’s also the ASUS PB278Q. Finally, choices are growing! But prices not really falling, yet…

Jun 17 2013 Update:
Well, prices have dropped again, the Amazon listing for this Nixeus now shows $499.99 USD, seen below. But it’s rather hard to argue that the $550 for the Dell U2713HM after coupon code AFNJ0968 is applied at NewEgg is extremely appealing. Note that’s a matt finish though, so there may be some shimmering artifacts on plain white areas, and I haven’t used that monitor myself.

Jul 05 2013 Update:
Not a monitor I’ve used or read much about, but wow have prices come down, QNIX QX2710 2560×1440 Samsung PLS Panel PC Monitor just $288.90 on eBay here, ships free from South Korea (so returns would be a problem).

Jul 17 2013 Update:
4K Monitor now available at $699 on Amazon here (only 30Hz, but still). With the rise of 4K, aka Ultra HD, at 3840 x 2160, let’s hope this helps pressure the price of brand name 2560×1440 monitors down.

Aug 05 2013 Update:
Nixeus NX-VUE30 30″ : A $699 WQXGA (2560×1600) IPS Monitor – Nice that it offers more vertical pixels, but it’s also bigger, heavier, and CCFL backlit. It may use ~130 watts. So this one isn’t for me, but you might need the extra size for bigger fonts or just want to keep a bigger monitor a little further from your eyes. The Nixeus NX-VUE30 on the Nixeus site here, reviewed on Anantech here, and for sale on Amazon here.

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  • ruderthanyou

    Just a little clarification, I have the Auria and it does indeed have more than just DVI. It has the full complement of Display Port, HDMI, DVI and VGA. Even says so on the Micro Center page that you linked to.

    • ruderthanyou

      Made a mistake regarding you link. It’s
      a subsequent link to the hardforum page that you linked to above. Anyway, to keep things simple, here is the actual
      Microcenter page:
      I’m really interested in your monitor though. Like having the idea of a Swivel base. But I do have a Micro Center within a 20 minute drive. And having an easy return option was the primary reason I went this route instead of the catleap/ebay options.

    • tinkererguy

      Excellent point! I have cleaned up the verbeage, thanks to you!
      Any chance you have a watt meter, to give your Auria a little watt burn test for us?
      Either way, we’re all using basically the same panel, with differing plastic stands and frames really.

      • ruderthanyou

        Yeah I have a couple of meters. I’ll put my Kill-A-Watt on it and report back.

      • ruderthanyou

        Well you’re right at it being below 100 watts. I got 97 watts at full brightness using a Kill-A-Watt meter. LOL. And 78 watts at 80 brightness, which is factory settings (which is bright enough for us).
        That a pretty huge difference.Even used a Belkin meter that I have to verify the results. The Belkin measures a 3-4 watts more than the Kill-A-Watt.
        After these results I’m really interested in the Nixeus. Since the port panel looks exactly like that of the Auria, I suspect you’re going to see similiar results.

    • tinkererguy
  • tinkererguy

    I pointed to hardforum (and the Microcenter link it had right up top) on intentionally, but you’re right, it’s not as easy to find. So I went and updated the link straight to Microcenter, thank you!

    Of course, looking at the insides, these are basically all the same monitor panel, with only the plastic changing. Interesting how the metal bottom panel is the same among the whole lot of them, with the 4 pin power supply in the same spot. The only thing that varies is the number of inputs, it seems, and for many users, that doesn’t matter at all.

    • tinkererguy

      I should also point out that about 0.1% of readers of my articles take the time to comment, but they add so much value, and I greatly appreciate your taking the time to comment. Constructive criticism is extremely helpful!


    Apparently all the 2560*1440 panels are made by LG. The consistancy you see is because of that.

    • tinkererguy

      How’d it go? I’m >2000 miles from home (until tomorrow), and very much looking forward to trying mine out!

      • HCFORDE

        Beautiful, no pixel problems. The speakers are even good imo for monitor speakers. The only complaint I have is that there is no user guide that tells you anything about the monitor. I did find out the max HZ is 75HZ.

        • tinkererguy

          Thank you for sharing your good experience!

          • HCFORDE

            I checked my boxes again and nope, not there. I will be getting a couple more of these so no real issue.

        • tinkererguy

          Mine did come with a 7 page user guide, see unboxing video added to this article, was in the box with the cables, exact spot in the video here:

  • tinkererguy

    Well, got the monitor, see new photo and video.
    Mine flickers sometimes, not sure what is going on with that, but not until I cranked the watt burn way past the factory default 62 watts I observed.
    Pivot could be nice (portrait mode), and I should mention there is no swivel (side to side, just move the whole monitor including the base).

    Anyhow, great looking, no bad pixels, and not sure yet if the flickering is going to be a problem, will be testing more this weekend. Perhaps I’ll wind up needing just a new power supply (I can call the company, in California, this Tuesday to inquire).

    • ruderthanyou

      The portrait mode would be really nice. I currently have a dell wfp2405 in portrait mode next to my u3011 on my main and I love the configuration. Replacing it with a 27″ inch would be great, but I don’t need that much real estate; the option would be good though. I’ve had Auria for for a couple of weeks now on a secondary computer. Just one time, I received the same red light screen blanking issue that you had on your QNIX. I’m probably going to return it for another one, to be safe. Just so difficult to give up on this monitor for another brand, it’s beautiful plus Microcenter is close and EQD headquarters (the monitor’s manufacturer) is only 15 miles away.
      And by the way, I have no flickering problems. That would definitely bug me.

      • tinkererguy

        My 2 days of flicker hasn’t returned, so that’s good. FYI, the replacement power supply is still crossing the country via UPS ground.

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  • eleusion

    I have one of these displays on pre-order. Reviews have been scant online so I thank you for your work here. Do you have a recommendation for software, websites, etc to optimize the display settings? My concern would be that 1080p display config wizards wouldn’t cut it for 1440p. Any thoughts on configuration with the OSD versus software? Thank you

  • tinkererguy

    I’m working with Peter at Nixeus, who says he’s working to get a better instruction manual online, but today, the pamphlet that sometimes comes with the monitor isn’t even online yet:

    Yeah, once you receive it, you’ll probably agree, the tuning is not exactly obvious, as operating the OSD is awkward. But it autoselects the DisplayPort signal, and auto-powers on, so I rarely need to use buttons for anything (phew).

    FYI, I do have an old Huey for color calibration. But under Windows 8 things change, some day, I’ll try to write all that up (3 monitors to calibrate, with new tools in Windows 8 as well). Thanks for letting me know that somebody is interested in me taking the time to figure that out!

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  • Jay Oliphant

    How are things going with the Nixeus? I’m really tempted by one of these, as I setup a client with dual 27″ monitors of the same resolution – 1x Apple Cinema display (with Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter) and one Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM.

    • tinkererguy

      All is going well, no issues. Stable backlight, power supply cool, turns on with GA level Windows 8 drivers (hooked up via DisplayPort) without pressing any buttons. So yes, I’m happy! Too bad the prices have gone up so much.

      Here’s a relevant post to DisplayLink forums (for my 3rd monitor):

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