FingerPrint: easily print from your iPhone or iPad to network printers and USB photo printers, even if they’re not AirPrint compatible, new Windows version now installs as a service

Jul. 12 2013 Update:
Unfortunately, buy-it-once FingerPrint is no longer sold, replaced by Presto, which I haven’t tested, but is reviewed by The Wall Street Journal here. This article kept for archival purposes only.

Sep. 18 2012 Update:
Confirmed to work fine with Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Essentials, so it is highly likely it’ll work just fine with Windows Server 2012 (RTM) as well. Just run the Server Manager, Add Roles Wizard to add the “Print Server” Role before you install Fingerprint 2.0, it’ll then install and work just fine.

Feb. 11 2012 Update:
New version released
If you use Dropbox, don’t forget to go into FingerPrint preferences, and specify your Dropbox folder, then you’ll be able to “print” to Dropbox too!

Jan. 30 2012 Update:
Printing from any iOS 5.0 device (iPad, iPhone) to non-AirPrint printers is now even easier.
You heard it here on first, read the Collobos Software Press Release:

Thanks for your support of Collobos! FingerPrint as a service is now OFFICIALLY available for Windows. We are really excited about it and have even more cool stuff in the pipeline!!
Best, Lanny
CMO is now able to offer affiliate links to Collobus, no discount codes required: PC:Buy FingerPrint 2    Mac:Buy FingerPrint 2
Given Collobos’ apparent success with this product, it wouldn’t be surprising if their pricing increased soon, so consider yourself warned.

See the full story, or make comments, at the newly-updated original site, which also includes demonstration video and screenshots:

Nov. 2, 2013 Update:
Collobos has moved FingerPrint to a monthly subscription model, and renamed it Presto. I have removed all links from my shop buttons in the original articles, to avoid confusion, since I have not tested Presto. It is my understanding that prior versions still work, with the discontinued version still available for download (not purchase) here:

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  • Jstan75

    I am very disappointed I recently purchased this software. I was under the impression I would not have to buy a AirPrint capable printer OR other software to be able to print from my Apple devices. In the very short time I used FingerPrint before the Apple 6.0 update it worked as advertised but had I known I would have to repurchase AirPrint2 for twice the amount of the original purchase price after Apples update in order to print I would have never bought this product. I will be expressing my disappointment with this company in many reviews to hopefully help others not get mislead by this scam.

    • Paul Braren

      Sorry you felt you had to post this, and have forwarded your public comments from here over to Collobos. I’m confident Collobos will handle this matter directly with you. FingerPrint is reputable software. I’m not involved in any private customer matters directly.

      They have always offered full trial downloads, to allow full testing of your particular printer/iOS combination before purchase, as well as upgrade pricing options

      Full contact and support from Collobs available by clicking on the Support button at

    • Lanny – Collobos

      Hi “J” – (I’ll give you the courtesy of protecting your name). I believe your email is very unfair. First, we had a coupon for all V1 customers to upgrade at a low cost (thru 12.31.12). When you purchased FingerPrint you selected to receive NO correspondence from us so we could not notify you of the changes and coupon. We respected your wishes. As, I emailed you directly, I’ll be happy to fully refund your purchase even 9 months later if you wish. We are NOT a scam.

      The FingerPrint V1 product still works great with iOS 4&5, OSX 10.5-10.7, and Win XP SP3- Win7. There is no need to move to FingerPrint 2 for those maintaining their environment. We work diligently to continue to improve and add new functionality to the product. Additional features in FingerPrint 2 include.

      -Runs as a Service for PC’s and Mac’s
      -Custom Virtual Printer Configuration
      -Access Control Lists
      -Greater Printer Compatibility

      in addition to supporting IOS6, Mountain Lion, and Win 8 Compatibility

      FingerPrint 2 isn’t just an OS update. We continue to move the product forward. It is normal for a company to charge for new/additional functionality. We recognize that there are original customers who may want/need to upgrade, thus we provided a low-cost upgrade path that allows existing customers to purchase Fingerprint 2 at a Combined Less Cost than new customers can purchase today.

      • Paul Braren

        Lanny, thank you so much for stepping in and commenting so quickly. This certainly helps prospective buyers know how much you value customer satisfaction at Collobos.

        I also appreciate the new public use-case stories/cost savings stories, all over at:

        TinkerTry remains committed to sharing personal stories about prudent re-use of existing resources.

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