Hyper-V Server 2012 Release Candidate (x64) runs fine on ESXi 5.0 Update 1, but…

Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Server Virtualization

There’s interest in using ESXi 5.0 Update 1 to “kick the tires” on the latest Hyper-V, ideally, able to run “nested” VMs, as a learning/self-training exercise really. I still don’t have nesting working however, which is the ability to actually start a VM under Hyper-V. Then again, neither does anybody else, as far as I can tell. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for ESXi 5.1, or whatever it’ll be called.

See also “Windows Server 8 Beta Hyper-V runs fine on ESXi 5.0 Patch 02″ here:

Yes, Hyper-V seems to install and function on ESXi, but I haven’t gotten nested VMs yet.

Here’s the steps, this is a first draft:

1 )  Download
Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Release Candidate (x64) – DVD (English)
by logging into MSDN and searching for:

2 )  Configure the VM
Configure a “Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) VM with 2 CPUs and 8GB of RAM, set to boot from the 3GB Hyper-V install ISO, click OK


3 )  Tweak the VM’s .vmx File
Use Veeam FastSCP or WinSCP to edit the .vmx file for the VM you just created, adding this line to the end of the file:
hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = FALSE
mce.enable = TRUE 

Thanks go to this site for that first entry:
and here’s the second entry sourc

4 )  Power on the VM, and install Hyper-V
proceed with normal install 

5 )  Configure Hyper-V
Configure basic Hyper-V settings if you’d like, including allow Remote Management, and creating an administrator account for the remote Windows 8 system you’ll be connecting

6 )  Install Hyper-V Manager on Windows 8 Release Preview
Now we’re ready to use a Windows 8 Release Preview VM (or physical):
then install the required version of RSAT, 6.2, which only runs on Windows 8 Release Preview, downloaded from here:
Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Release Preview
Next, go to Add/Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components, then turn on the Hyper-V checkbox.8)  Run Hyper-V Manager and connect to Hyper-V
Now you’re ready to hit the Windows key on your keyboard, and type “hyper” and hit enter, and the Hyper-V Manager should start right up and allow you to connect

7 )  Created “nested” VM
still not working, please stand by…


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  • Thecoolguy291

    I have gotten nested VMs to work with both Workstation 8 and ESXi 5.  I don’t believe I have any updates installed on the ESXi box and believe it or not I’m doing all this on a q6600 Core 2 Quad!  I also found that you can use USB on my system.  I know that’s another subject but I actually found this site by searching for VT-d which I guess I really don’t need.  So my ESXi 5 server is running as a print server and a nested Hyper-V server.

  • tinkererguy

    Thank you so much for posting this comment, it is great news. Can you give us a bit more info about how you got it to work, or point us to a site with some tips that got you through this?
    Thank you!

  • thecoolguy291

    Testing testing. Sorry but I’ve tried two other times to post my solution on here but the comments don’t want to take. Hope this one works.

  • thecoolguy291

    Why is it when I go to post a detailed explanation it just sits there and thinks about it but doesn’t really post it?

    • tinkererguy

      Hmm, hope Disqus 2.0 (just released 2 days ago) isn’t the issue. Can you tell me what browser you’re using? Do none of your browsers show these comments? (sending you an email as well as posting this comment).
      Thank you for putting up with this, and so sorry for your trouble, I’m very eager to hear what you have to say, about Hyper-V. Consider following me on Google+ as well.

  • thecoolguy291

    I’m using IE9 and I can see the two comments that I posted. But I don’t see the four attempts I made to write a long description of what I did to get it to work. Only thing I can think of is I tried to post a link. Which I see others can do without any problems.

  • thecoolguy291

    Well I guess we’ll try this one step at a time. So you’ll want everything you talk about above. ESXi 5 U 1. And create a virtual machine but use the server 2008 r 2 option.

  • thecoolguy291

    Once server 2012 is installed and running shut it down. Do a google search for veeam and nested. The first real search results should be veeam’s website which talks about nesting hyper-v in vmware.

  • thecoolguy291

    I followed everything he did for esxi except on step 5 for cpu virtualization. I picked the second to the bottom option. The one that doesn’t include EPT. And it works for me. Its slow but then again I’m doing it all from the console. I’m going to try to RDP into server 2012 later and see if that’s any faster.

  • thecoolguy291

    My goal is to have one esxi server and test live migration through hyper-v from within the esxi server. I should have enough HP to run three VMs in there. Two for Hyper-V and one iscsi. Oh and everything I just explained below I did with the GUI version of Server 2012. I do want to try the core install and will report back if I have any luck with that. Let me know how you make out. And if I can help in any way just let me know. Thanks.

  • thecoolguy291

    So did this work for anyone else? I find it hard to believe I’m the only one who got this to work. Or does no one care anymore about nested vms?

    • tinkererguy

      Did you get the core install working yet (VM running under Hyper-V, under ESXi 5.0 Update 1)? This is great news, and I’m hoping to be able to replicate your success, any details or URLs you ran across would be wonderul for me to share out (and credit you with). Thank you again coolguy291!

  • tinkererguy

    This appears to the be the most promising article about getting Hyper-V to run well under ESXi